Hi folks, yesterday I told you about some hair care tips with some hairstyles. Today I am going to tell  you about how to makeover yourself using minimal makeup products. It is very necessary to know about the cosmetics before using it. Generally people have no idea what to apply and what to not. Therefore I am telling you  makeup guide for beginners. Mostly people are confused about what to purchase and how to apply. Using my tips you can get ready for Valentine’s day.                                                                                    Makeover for Valentine's day using minimum products

Products you must have purchased for makeover

For complete makeup you must have to purchase a daily cream, foundation (za liquid foundation), in place of concealor you can use BB cream or cc cream of Lakme, highlighter (optional), bronzer must be 2, 4 shades darker than your skin, translucent powder,contouring,black eyeliner, eye-shadow palette, kajal(lotus), blush, brushes, lipstick.

Steps for contouring

 Simple steps to be followed for makeover

These products are enough to do makeover . But these products should be used step by step in a right way.

  1. Firstly apply sunscreen then apply a layer of moisturizer and leave it for 5 minutes until it sinks on your skin.
  2.  Primer gives a smooth surface and long lasting effect to your makeup.
  3.  Then apply foundation. The best way to find the perfect foundation color for your skin is to  first test it on your jaw line and see it in day light.
  4.  Use concealer after foundation which matches to your skin and apply it under the eyes to hide dark circles.
  5.  Apply highlighter and bronzer on your face as shown in a diagram. Contouring by face shape.
  6.  Apply Eye shadow,  liner, mascara. It gives definition to your eyes..
  7. Add blush to give your face pleasant glow.

   Steps for makeover

 Steps needs to be taken care of

This process will not affect your skin. Don’t use harsh brush on your face, always buy soft one. Use highlighter to highlight cheekbones like Very Me, Lo-real Paris etc. Contouring makes skin more defined and helps in giving slim look. Contour and highlighter both should be used simultaneously otherwise it will not look good. We use Bronzer to contouring our face. For office purpose use nude  eye shadow palette. Rather than using false eye lashes, you should use mascara and curl with it using eye lashes curler. It gives natural look, I  recommend you to use color bar eye lashes curler.

Complete makeover look for Valentine
Now you are done with the makeover  for  Valentine’s day


To make  your lips fuller,using foundation , brush, bronzer. You can see the procedure in this video.

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Beginners guide to makeover for Valentine’s day

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