Hi fashion lovers, today I have come up with one more page from my fashion diary. Today I am going to tell you how to apply subtle makeover to look gorgeous. As we know that when we apply makeup on our own at home, we don’t get professional look. So I will tell you how to apply makeup on your own with minimum products because I myself avoid layers of foundations on my face.

Makeup magic

Complete Makeover

Take a mixture of lotion (I personally use Johnson’s and baby lotion) and Lakme cc cream (bronze for fairer skin, rest depends on your skin tone) and apply on your entire face. Remember the quantity of lotion should be larger than the Lakme cc cream. This mixture does wonders. Lakme cc cream hides light spots and lotion gives glow to the skin .If you really want to use foundation, then you should use Za liquid foundation. It gives natural look for fair skin .

Soft makeup, nude
No makeup ,makeup look

Beautiful eyes command attention. Apply Lakme cc cream  to hide under-eye dark circle and also apply it upper part of eye till crease. Don’t apply on eyebrow bone area, it will jeopardize your look, spread it with finger gently to give a base. Now apply black eye liner (Elle 18) starting from inner corner of your eye liner and apply it on upper lash-line. Now gradually increase the thickness of liner going towards your outer lid. It will give you a decent but attractive look for office and you can apply transparent mascara and then curl your eye lashes with Color bar eye lashes curler.

Light makeup in winters.

You can do the same for party makeup. To add glam apply a colored liner over black liner only on outer lid. Now  you can apply kajal. I use Loreal Paris gel liner (very good product, deep black colour rarely found) as a kajal or you can use Lotus kajal pencil both are smudge proof products. Do not buy pen eyeliner it works good for the starting 3, 4 days but if you will not cover it then it will dry-up when exposed to air.

6 steps to brownish smoky eye makeup.

Now time for lips, apply a single light coat of any cc or bb cream and face powder for long lasting effect. Do not apply too much otherwise it will change you lipstick colour. If you are going to the office then you have to pick up light colour as I use my favorite street wear colour rich ultra-most lipstick, Lakme 9 to 5 crease-less cream. First make a outer line off the lipstick and then fill that area with lipstick.

Make your lipstick last for 8 hours

If you want to get ready for a party then you can apply dark shade lipsticks or lip-gloss. I generally apply orange and pink shades. Orange is in trend so I prefer orange Revlon Color burst lipstic. It gives glam look.

If you apply blush, use nude color blush and apply it little bit on your cheeks to hightlight your beauty bones. Color bar nude blush is the best. It gives a natural look.

Loud makeup for  night party.

Now some beauty tips. If you  have pimples on your face, don’t  apply blush on your cheeks otherwise it will make your pimples red and it won’t look good. To make you cheeks glowing apply color bar illumination lotion after applying cream. If you have red pimples on your face  apply thick layer of Vicco turmeric cream for at least two hours on it and then wipe it off with rose water astringent, then apply makeup.

If you want to grow your eye lashes apply Vaseline daily before going to bed. If you want to make creamy blush and you don’t have that colour, then you can mix Vaseline with the color of lipstick you want. Or you can add eye shadow with vaselline.

Hope you like my this blog. I will update you soon with new tips and tricks till then like, comment and share my blog.


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