Hello friends I am back with new hairstyles and ideas for you for Valentines day. Today I am going to tell you a few styles which you can have to impress your partner and tips how to protect your hair from heat while you are straightening and curling. I know you really need it. Here are a few hairstyles and tips which will help you to safely do whatever you want to do with your hair.

Quick hairstyles  for Valentines day

             Cute half do for valentine's day


Messy bun for Valentine's day

Easy bun for Valentine's day


Protect your hair from heat damage

Your look is incomplete without good hairstyle. Whenever you are curling and straightening then you  should keep certain things in your mind. Apply serum on wet hair and don’t use iron on wet hair. Dry your hair first with dryer and then divide your hair in four section. Take a section and apply a heat protectant like teresme, tony and guy etc on it. After applying heat protectant, again dry your hair using dryer. Comb your hair so that heat protectant spreads all over the hair evenly. Then start using iron. If you are using curling or straightening iron then you should always move it with your hand. If you keep it at the same place then your hair can get damaged.

Also always use professional curling and straightening iron to be on the safer side. None the less if you use iron, you will have to compromise with a little hair damage. To avoid hair damage you should avoid frequent use of iron. Furthermore avoid using curling iron on your crown area and only curl the end of your hair to get a stylish look. After styling you hair, you should use hair-holding spray specially in case of curly hair.

Try to go for heatless curl. You can make braids of your hair at night and leave it overnight. Or you can roll you hair inside socks and leave it for a few hours. You can also use rollers on your hair. You can also curl your hair with hairband. There are numerous ways for heatless curl.

How to use straightener as a curler

You can use straightener to curl your hair and have different hairstyles.

Curl your hair on Valentine's day

Style your hair on Valentine's day

You can find the hair products used by professional on Nykaa. It is a good site for hair care products. I purchased tony and guy heat protectant and matrix hair holding spray from this site. Products usually come late but at a cheaper price compared to market price. All the professional brands can  be found in Nykaa. Good quality product at a reasonable price. But you will have to be careful while choosing hair colour or you can ask from the customer care whatever colour you want. They are very cooperative.

Curl your hair on Valentine's day

If you hair are damaged then do watch this video. It will help you and you will see the result within 3 weeks. I have already done this treatment for my hair. It’s very helpful.

I will update you with more hairstyles for Valentine’s day. Hope you like my blog.
Cute braid hairstyle for valentine's day

Hair care tips with some hairstyles for Valentines day

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