Hi friends as promised, I am back with some methods of contouring and highlighting your face according to proper shape and size. It is necessary to know about how to contour our face beforehand. Many people do it but they know the steps and direction to be followed. Contour gives you a slim look. It can be used in a party. But we should also use highlighter with contour, without it our look would be incomplete. These two are the little tricks that you can use to enhance your bone structure. They both are used after foundation. Don’t try to apply  directly on your skin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Highlighter helps to make the face more defined. Contour helps to make your nose and forhead look smaller. It defines your cheekbones and give a slim look to your chin.
Generally our face’s shape are divided on 5 types and according to that shape we should apply contour. Below are some images which will show how to contour our face according to the shape.

Choose shades that are not drastically lighter or darker than your skin tone. If your complexion is fair then use a light shade to highlight  and a fair to medium color to contour. If your skin is darker  then use a medium toned highlight and a contour slightly deeper than your skin color. If your skin is too dark and you can’t find a deeper shade of foundation to contour with, then a dark eyeshadow will  do the magic. I will suggest you to buy a good highlighter for your skin. Don’t go for local products as small saloon artist suggests us to purchase foundation and bronzer from them. If you don’t have bronzer then you can use a brown lipstick.

Process to apply


Apply an illuminator in the center of the forehead and extend to the tip of nose. Apply it in a more subtle way, the illuminator under eyes and extending slightly to the side nose. If you want, you can still highlight the cupid’s bow (the one v of the tips) and placing illuminator highlight the chin.


Another key factor for you to stay with the contoured face well is to take a powder a shade daker than your skin. This also serves a powder bronzer. In the line with the forehead scalp, spread the product  well in this line, because it leaves your face slimmer. But rememer that no line should be visible. To make the nose thinner and more marked, pass the bronzing powder on the sides. In this way you tune and even better defines the nose. For cheeks, the outline should be below the cheekbones, in a diagonal line. And do not forget the neck, it should also be circumvented.



How to contour your face

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