Hi guys I am here once again to share some great beauty tips with you. We all get fed up with dry and rough skin in winters. I know because, I am from a cold place and have experienced snowfall  for quite a long period of time. We all have the quality of adaptability which is why we are human beings. We have everything around us then why don’t we utilize it.

I have very sensitive skin, so I do not use chemicals. As such chemicals harm your skin so taking proper care of skin can be useful in the long run. Here are some tips to have a flawless, smooth and soft skin in winters. I am 35 and have a baby skin. It’s not difficult, just be mindful in using things. I am sharing few remedies for flawless skin in the coming paragraphs.

Home made remedy for smooth and flawless skin

1. Glycerine and lemon decoction: Since my childhood I have been using this decoction. This is what my grand ma used to apply on our face at night before going to bed. We used to feel so sticky chipo type but I do not remember even a single day with rough skin even in chilly winters.
Preparation: Take glycerine from a medico shop and add exactly same amount of fresh lemon juice. Mix it well. Try not no add even a single drop of water.


1. Glycerine is highly concentrated solution hence stays on the skin and acts as a skin moisturizer. It retains water in the skin. Hence makes the skin cells turgid. It is non toxic therefore can be used even for sensitive skin. The clogged impurities in between the skin cracks can also be removed easily with the help of glycerine.

2. Lemon juice: Everyone is aware of the medical properties of lemon. It is rich in vit c therefore acts as a good nourishment to the skin. It helps in renovating the skin cells. Not only this lemon juice has a bleaching property therefore it lightens dark spots, pregnancy marks, fine lines etc. on the skin.

The decoction of above two items makes a great combination in winters. Our skin tends to loose water due to the dryness of the atmosphere therefore the skin becomes rough and dry. So  use the decoction at night.

How to use 

1. Wash your face with soap or face wash to remove the microbes on the skin. Its better to use luke warm water.
2. Pat dry your face with tissue or soft towel. It prevents your skin from further damage.
3. Take 2ml of solution (glycerine and lemon)and apply gently all over the face hands and feet.
Even it can be applied to whole of your body. You will feel cold but next day you will get super smooth and soft  skin touch.
4. Massage it over your face in down to up strokes.
5. Since lemon is a constituents so you can feel bit of irritation over the skin if it is dry.
6. Never use it in day as its sticky so dirt can settle and stick on your skin adding on to your problem.
7. Massage till it is dry. Massage increases circulation and hence nourishes your skin and you can get a soft skin.
8. First thing you need to do after getting up from bed is wash your face and apply any low chemical cream or lotion.

Try it and have a bubbly skin.

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Remedy for soft and bubbly skin

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