Hi, today I have come here to tell you about some winter skin care tips as well as some mask clear and glowing skin. Avoid hot water and long showers, it removes oil from your skin in winter. Use warm water rather than hot. Don’t apply any soap whether it is mild or strong on your face because it strips oil from your face. Stay hydrated, drink lots of water. Eat a healthy diet which should include fruits, vegetables and foods rich in vitamin C. Don’t rub your face with  towel. Use napkin to dry your skin.

For clear skin – Take 5 -6 almonds,  1/4th cup of ground rice, a  pinch of turmeric and grind them. Make a paste with milk. Apply this paste on your face for 20 minutes and wash your face with tap water. You will see the results in few days. This remedy doesn’t consume much time.

For lips

1) Apply mixture of honey and rose water for chappy lips.

2) For instant effect use jojoba oil.

3) For dull and dry lips, apply a mixture of olive oil and sugar.

4) For moisturising, apply a mixture of honey and glycerin.

5) For dull lips apply a mixture of honey and glycerin.

6) For smooth and soft lips apply ghee before going to bed.

For legs

1) Apply coconut oil before bathing. Instead of using soap, wash your legs from pamolive body wash.

2) For dry legs apply a mixture of glycerin, honey and rose water or you can also use mixture of honey and sugar.

For feet

1) Take olive oil massage.

2) Always wear socks.

3) Before going to bed apply a thick layer of buttery moisturizer

For nail –

1) Trim nails regularly.

2) Take oilve oil massage or after shower massage your nails with a cream.
Fair skin tips – First take some chickpeas, put them in water. After an hour takeout from water and grind them and mix with milk. Apply this paste for 15 to 20 minutes daily. You will see the effect within a week.

For pimple – Apply a mixture of lemon juice and rose water. Cut lemon from the center and continuously massage for 5 minutes. After 15 minutes take some fresh water and put half tbsp of salt in water and wash your face. Do this process twice a day. It helps in removing pimples as well as in removing scars.

For instant glow – Take  one tablespoon of gelatin powder, dissolve it in two tbs of hot water then add two tablespoon of orange juice in it. Leave it for 30 minutes. Peel the mask in upward direction. Wipe your face with rose water, then pat dry. Use this mask within 5 minutes otherwise it gets thickened. It gives a golden glow and leaves your skin smooth and fair. It tightens your skin pores. Apply this procedure once in a week for best result.

For glowing and fair skin – Take two tablespoon of gram flour, two tablespoon of lemon water, one tbs of honey, two pinch of turmeric powder, one tablespoon of coffee powder and make a paste. Apply this mixture for half an hour. Then wash your face with cold water and clean your face with rose astringent. Apply any moisturizer on your face.

I will be back with some more tips. Till then stay safe and be beautiful. Don’t forget to Like and Share my blog and do follow me on Bloglovin.


Winter skin care tips

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