Oh my God, just a few days are left for Valentine’s  week and I am yet not prepared for that day. I want him to be awestruck after looking at me. But how can I get the perfect look in such a short span of time.? What should I do now?
I know these thoughts will arise in your mind. But believe me, I am here to help you to look gorgeous. Forget everything else and follow me. New hair style gives a new look to our personality but we always end up looking with the same.
                                                     Quick easy bun for straight hair on Valentines day
Now I am going to tell you some tricks to get the perfect look for your Valentine. Here are some hair styles which will give you awesome look. If you want to do curls and straighten your hair, then you should always use irons on 3 day’s dirty hair. Iron gives best result in dirty hair. There are different ways to use Iron.

It is difficult to style curly hair. But it’s not impossible. If you have curly hair and want to look sexy then follow the following steps. You need only few things to get the look.

Follow the following steps to get the perfect hair-style for Valentines day

  • Use a shampoo which you are comfortable with.
  • Wash your hair for approximately 5  minutes. If you want to use a conditioner then apply it but don’t rinse your scalp thoroughly.
  • Wrap your hair up loosely with an old silk pillowcase. Don’t use a towel that has loop on it. Lower down your head before wrapping your hair. This process will drain all the water towards the floor. Don’t  leave your hair bound up too long.
  • Do this for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Now you need  few hair styling products.
    • Mousse – You should look for light weight non-sticky  mousse for everyday use. Apply small squirt onto your hands and scrunch it through. Don’t use too much.
    • Hairspray- Use hair holding spray .It can prove to be a life saver. If you use it too closely it will stiff your curls.
    • Gel/greases/waxes- They are used to keep hair in place and moisten the scalp. If gel is too heavy for your hair then you can use Jojoba or coconut oil.
    • Squeeze an appropriate amount of liquid gel on your palm and rub your hands together, making sure that your finger are coated with gel. Finger comb the gel through your hair, spread all over your hair. After this hair will look wet. Continue it till all your hair is coated with gel.

Here are a few hairstyles which you can check out in the following images :

Curly hair style on Valentines day
Curl your hair using iron on Valentines dayEasy bun for valentines day
Half tie hair style on Valentines day
Hairstyles for curly hair for Valentines day

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