What girls want

Women are like tricks by sleight of hand. Which, to admire, we should not understand.

Girls are the greatest puzzle that the world is yet to demystify. So is the common notion. But it’s a myth. Hold on guys, I am here to reveal the  secrets which have been well kept for ages. After reading this blog, you would understand a girl better and be able to win her heart too. These are some of the key things a girl wants from her valentine.

First and foremost girls want attention. You read it right. Give them their due share of attention and you’ll soon be in their good books. Pay

Girls want attention, women want respect
Girls want attention, women want respect

undivided attention to what they say. Look straight into their eyes while speaking to them. Never start playing with your mobile or get distracted while talking to them. I know girls can sometimes take the discussion to a completely different world which you guys will have no interest. But still stay engaged in the discussion. You blink and you lose. Specially when they are talking about their friends or work place, pay extra attention. Remember if a girl shares her secret with you, you are someone special with you. Don’t lose that special status from their life.

Girls like a good sense of humour. If you are a witty guy and can shell out one liners then you are already a winner. However not all of us have a good sense of humour. But don’t be disheartened, not everything is lost. What if you cannot crack a joke and make your girl laugh, you can still make her smile just by listening to her more often than talking and admiring her own sense of humour and intelligence. Remember that it’s better to be quiet than to open your mouth at the wrong time and make a fool of yourself, specially in front of her friends. Try to be pleasant and understand what amuses your girl the most and then practice and get perfect at the art of making her smile.

Girls want a good discussion filled with humour
Girls want a good discussion filled with humour
Girls love shopping
Girls love shopping

Girls love shopping and gifts. Off course you knew it beforehand, din’t you 😛 But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to burn your pocket and please us. You can win a girl’s heart with simple affordable gifts like soft toys, accessories, greetings cards etc. If you are a creative guy, then try making something personalised for her. I promise she would be floored. Every now and then take her for shopping. You need not go for high street fashion or designer wears. Buy her something which she likes. If she cares about you, she would certainly not rob you and if she doesn’t why are you pursuing her anyway?

Girls die for compliments. Doesn’t she ask you how she looks every now and then. Yes, she wants to hear how beautiful she is from you every time. So guys don’t take it lightly. It’s the easiest and cheapest thing that you can do to please her. Never ever say that she looks fat. Girls hate to look fat. And yes, if you feel she is not looking good then don’t tell it on her face rather ask her to spend some more time on makeup. She would love the fact that you care for her looks. It is needless to say that you should never praise their friends or your sister in front of her. Beware of the havoc that a jealous girl can bring upon you 😉

Most girls like to travel. So take her out every now and then. It can not only do wonders to your relationship,

A travelling girl can be the best girlfriend
A travelling girl can be the best girlfriend

but can also give you two a much needed break. If she is rather a home-sick kinda girl, then too ask her out for coffee or to her friend’s place where she can feel comfortable.

Girls like surprises. Yes it’s true, being a bit unpredictable can do wonders. Don’t be the boring kind of guy. Bring in some creativity. There are a lot of romantic bollywood movies which you watch to get ideas. The least that you an do is to bring her surprise gifts every few days. You know girls love gifts.

Ok guys so try out these tips and do let me know if it works. Off course it takes time and patience. But the fruits are sweet. I am sure, if you follow what you just read diligently then there’s nothing which can prevent you from getting your Valentine this year. All the best guys!

What girls want from their Valentine

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